Shotwell on KDE - Can you get "send to" to work?

I am giving Shotwell (photo organizing app) a try under KDE. It’s more a Gnome-ish app though. It includes a “send to” feature that is supposed to open a dialog allowing you to send a photo to mail, etc. In KDE this option just hangs indefinitely, It’s probably looking for some IPC stack that is standard to Gnome but not KDE. Has anyone running Shotwell under KDE figured out how to get this option to work? Just being able to save a file or copy it to the clipboard would be helpful.

This is on Fedora 38. Shotwell is packaged for Fedora, it installed without any dependencies.

I have found that selecting “send to” prints an error on stdout “Gdk-WARNING **: 14:02:40.181: Server is missing xdg_foreign support”. This issue seems to be common on Gnome apps running under KDE+Wayland. So far, I have not seen any solutions in those big reports.