Should Jenkins find python3?

I recently made a commit to the 5.1 branch of KMyMoney, and later noticed that the Jenkins Appimage build started failing. The first two failures were clearly due to a bug in my commit, but all failures since then seem to be because Jenkins can’t find python3. I may well be misreading the log or not reading the most relevant log. Is this a known issue? Does something need changing on Jenkins itself, or in the KMyMoney Craft blueprint? Pointers to which fine manual I haven’t read are also appreciated.

All appimage builds on Jenkins show this problem at the moment, so not KMyMoney’s fault. My best guess for what caused this so far is Craft: Centos7 update python to 3.11 (e3c48436) · Commits · Sysadmin / CI Images · GitLab.

Looks like a reasonable guess to me, except that commit was made a month ago, and the failures started several days ago. I’d love to hear from sysadmin or the craft team.

The commit is older, but the Docker image rebuild that made it propagate to binary factory only happened about a week ago, matching the time the issue started to occur.

I filed a sysadmin ticket for this, and the Appimage builds are now starting to succeed. Apparently it was a permission error for the user under which those builds are run.