Show amounts at detailed level AND all subtotals in report

the Income and Expenses by year report can show different levels of detail depending on the configuration (according to the help file):

Detail: Choose the level of detail required for this report. The following levels of detail are available:

  1. All: Show every category or account.
  2. Top-Level: Show only the highest-level categories or accounts, and roll up the sums of the subordinate categories or accounts into those values.
  3. Groups: Show only the totals of the categories or accounts.
  4. Totals: Show only the grand totals row.

My wish would be to show the amounts for the most detailed level and all the subtotals (sums details up) between lowest level and highest level.

Is it somehow possible?

currently i can either show the lowest level OR the total by category OR the grand total.

I use KMyMoney version 5.1.3

Unfortuntely, not without re-engineering the current reporting engine. Some of what you are looking for is already present, though. I adjusted your screenshot slightly to show it.


The word Total without any further explanation might not really explain what the row actually shows.