ShureTech Mono font overlapping with other characters when rendered in bold in Konsole

When using the ShureTechMonoNerdFont-Regular font in Konsole, the “intense colours” are being rendered in bold and overlapping with the characters that seem to be a tab-space away from them.
The issue goes away when the setting “Draw intense colours in bold fonts” option is unchecked.

Characters should be spaced correctly and not overlapping. The expected behaviour is demonstrated in the 3rd screenshot below with AnonymicePro Nerd Font.

I have raised an issue #1638 in the Nerd Font GitHub, please check that issue as I can’t post more than 1 image for now. There I was suggested that this might be a Konsole issue and that I should try rolling back to check which version was working. As such, secondary question is how do I get an older version of Konsole?