Slow shutdown/logout on Plasma 6

I waited a while before asking because I was hoping that the various updates would fix the problem but it did not happen. When I close the session or turn off the computer, Plasma takes a long time to close (sometimes up to a minute). Does anyone have the same problem?


are you running any virtual machines?

i installed VMM and set one up and left it running (also defaults to autostart)

so everytime i tried to reboot my machine after setting that up it took forever to shutdown until i took as pic of the text that flashed across the screen and it was a process designed to allow the VM to shut down before the host.

just something to check.

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I have the same issue.

From journalctl it seems krunner service gets stuck with systemd shutting it down.

I still didn’t look in the bug tracker, as I run openSUSE Argon, which is based on Leap, I assumed it could be a matter of an outdated systemd, and I was hopefully waiting to it fix itself on an update.

BTW, the “waiting for user session” takes 1 minute and 30 seconds before force closing it, on my installation.

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Same problem here, didn’t investigate but from shutdown screen it’s visible some services take time to stop.
It doesn’t happen every time, only sometimes.

no, I haven’t vmm

thank you, I will check

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