[SOLVED] Go to a guide from Timeline guides menu

docs.kdenlive.org en/cutting_and_assembling/guides.html

This is a good manual on guides in the kdenlive app.
Although, sometimes when editing a guide.
The timeline jumps to the beginning. (Okay, maybe there’re reasons for it)
But I’d like to get back to the video position I’ve been at.
An intuitive option is a right click on the guide in a list and go to it.
(But there’s no such an option, and a double click on the guide starts editing, instead of going there).

  1. Is there’re a simple part of kdenlive that can be changed with a one liner?
    1.1. Although would need to rebuild kdenlive for OSX later on.
  2. Is there any summary on UI/UX of the app?
    2.1. Do you apply some QA when working on the functionality?
    2.1.1. I mean UI regression, not just a formal unit testing of the c++ parts.

Sorry, my mistake. It seems that one click on a guide switches to it actually.
But a double click does an editing afterwards.
So, there’s a needed functionality.
Sorry for posting a question)

Just a reminder: When the Guide widget is open (enable it via Menu > View > Guides), you can click on a guide position in the list (which is searchable) and the playhead jumps to that guide in the timeline. Double clicking on a guide in that list opens the edit guide dialog window and positions the playhead on that guide in the timeline.

PS: No need to be sorry for posting a question :wink: