[SOLVED] How does dolphin know, what device is removable?

I have 3 systems (2xArch, 1xFedora) with dolphin on the same hardware.
On Fedora, dolphin detects correctly what a removable device is (SANDISK16 and Ventoy).
On Arch2, dolphin even detects the root device as removable device.

So my question is: How does dolphin know, what device is removable?



I guess if it is a usb (or other plugable) device, then it is removable :slight_smile:

yes, this is how it should be and dolphin shows the at least different icons for those devices, but on Arch1 and Arch2, there are also non-removable devices in the removable section.
They have a different icon than “Ventoy” and “SANDISK16”

lsblk recognizes correctly, what is hotplugable and what not:

*********loop devices*********
sda                          0
├─sda1      FEDEFI           0
├─sda2      FEDBOOT          0
├─sda3      FED              0
├─sda4      EXCHANGE         0
├─sda5                       0
└─sda6      ARCH2            0
sdb                          1
└─sdb1      SANDISK16        1
sdc                          1
├─sdc1      Ventoy           1
└─sdc2      VTOYEFI          1
nvme0n1                      0
├─nvme0n1p1 BOOT             0
├─nvme0n1p2                  0
└─nvme0n1p3 btrfs_pool       0

I’m not sure I understand what you are saying :roll_eyes:

btrfs_pool is a NVME-SSD. This means it is not removeable. Everything good.

Ventoy and SANDISK16 are USB-Sticks. This means, they should be listed as removable. Everything good.

ARCH2, EXCHANGE, and FED are on the same SATA-SSD. This means, it is not removeable. The state is only correctly displayed on the Fedora machine.

In my above lsblk output (from Arch1), you can see that the USB-sticks are correctly identified as removable (HOTPLUG = 1) and the SATA-SSD is not removable (HOTPLUG = 0).

My question is now: How does dolphin identify a drive as “removable” and list it therefore in the “removable devices” section?

I hope, this made it clearer.

Are you sure it’s not an issue in arch’s installation? I’m sorry but I guess I’m biased against diy distros. So many things can go wrong in the most unpredictable way

Anyway… apparently hotplug and removable are two different things, as you can see in
udisks2 source code

Try running the following and see what you get

for file in /sys/class/block/*/removable ; do echo $file :$(cat $file); done

Thank you very very much!
Now I can look at other places, why my SSD is flaged as removable and I will no longer bother you :slight_smile:
If I find a solution to my situation, I will add it to this thread to improve search results. Thanks again!

EDIT: found a similiar discussion now on the arch forum GNOME mounts a disk that is not included in fstab / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums it implies that it is something with kernel 6.9 (Fedora is still at 6.8)


I just saw the following post on reddit and I recalled your post. Apparently there was an issue in some kernel version