[SOLVED] Plasma 6 Wayland not starting ssh-agent

Hey guys

When I start with X11 session ssh-agent is started and available, which means I open Konsole and type ssh-add and voila I can enter the key pass and key is added. On Wayland session I get error "… is your agent running ? "
Anyone has any script and info of where to put it so ssh-agent is started and I’ll be able to add keys to it ?

any help appreciated
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Just type ssh-agent -s to start it and you should be good.
It is generally a good idea not to have it running constantly.

But if you still want to have it started automatically and want to get fancy, you can do this: git - Start ssh-agent on login - Stack Overflow

The question is where it gets started in x11 though.

Hey man

Thank you for the link on the stack overflow. I solved it with systemd service …