Some widgets not accepting keyboard input sometimes?

I just moved to KDE after 15 years of GNOME, and I’m having a few issues. Mostly related to my keyboard and input. This is on a fresh Debian 12 install, though I did copy a bunch of configuration over from my old home dir.

  • Night Color Custom time: I can’t type a time, though can paste
  • After some usage, I have to move the mouse to type in the application launcher search bar, and I can only type one letter at a time. A reboot fixes it temporarily, but it always returns
  • Once the App launcher went one-char only, I can’t type at all in alt-f2
  • Entering some keyboard shortcuts, like alt-printscr in the system shortcuts, leads to a very funky looking output and not being recognized (This may be a different issue)
  • Clicking and dragging in the date time widget format box drags the entire settings pane like my mouse was a touch screen input. It also doesn’t accept any keyboard input
  • a few times, konsole has stopped accepting input, and I had to close and re open it to get back to working

Firefox, Dolphin, and Kate have always accepted keyboard input just fine.

Is there something dumb I’ve potentially misconfiguration, or do I get to file 6 bugs?