Sound distortion on adjust eq as filter in kdenlive

Linux Mint 21.2 - Kdenlive 23.08.4 Flatpak
If i adjust any eq level (e.g. harrison sound plugins) on an audio track i have a short audio sound distortion. Normal i know this on a studio software or dj software if the latency is to low.
This is also on my studio PC which is not the lowest machine.
Can i adjust anywhere the latency time / audio buffer size?

Btw: Improvement wish:
It would nice to have in the section “EQ and filters” e.g. a 15 band EQ and a 5 Band param EQ. The filters in this section are not plug and play…and i have a studio and know things like EQs, Compressors, Limiters…
At the end a easy to use EQ with more bands (and without distortion if i adjust the level on running the project)