Sponsorship opportunities category?

This is an idea that’s been percolating in my mind for a while. Feature request for a fee is highly relevant and seems to have gone fairly well.

What do y’all think about a dedicated category where people willing to sponsor feature work or bugfixes can post their requests and bounties, and interested developers can offer to do the work? As was suggested in the above-mentioned thread, the money can either go to the developer, or to KDE e.V., or any mix they agree on.



+1 For “jobs” or “sponsored work” category .

We on krita-artists.org have a “jobs” category it has three subcategory - paid and volunteer and artists for hire. All the categories are moderated too. The first two is the place for people asking for work to be done and the artists for hire section has artists posting their portfolio and work for prospective clients.

may be only sponsored work category will work here.


This sounds like a good idea

All right, let’s give it a try! @sitter can you make it so? Let’s call it “Sponsored Work” with the subtitle “Post here if you want to sponsor work on KDE software or view sponsorship opportunities”

Thusly implemented Sponsored Work - KDE Discuss


Thank you so much!!!