Start contributing to KDE

Hello, people! I am excited to discover this new whole world of KDE and I would like to start contributing. I am new to this open source project/s. My idea is to understand how this all is working and step by step beginning to contribute. I would like to mention some of the areas I have some expertise in and am interested in, but I am not limiting myself to them. I am now at the beginning of my C++ career, I am in this since 2 years ago. Regarding other skills, I have basic knowledge of Qt, Cmake, googletest, Css and I would like to learn more. I gave you these insights to help you better guide me on how to begin here, with understanding things and then start with developing.
Thanks in advance for your pieces of advice and I am sorry if my post is duplicated or it’s not in the right place!

Have you checked out Get Involved/development - KDE Community Wiki ?