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I’m lowering my voice now. I want to say this as quietly, gently and kindly as possible. I’m a long time KMM user (>15 years), both privately and for a very small business. I’m financially supporting the KDE project as I believe in what they are doing. But I must also admit that recently I’ve looked at GnuCash from the corner of my eye. And sometimes I even feel the words slipping my lips “Should I try it?” When I look at the KMM git repo, development seems to slow down considerably. And the KMM Bugzilla has a large number of open bugs already for a very long time. I’m a bit worried that KMM development is losing steam. It’s no secret the development team is very small. And although I even want to, my private life doesn’t have enough room and energy for more side projects. So the best I can do is donate and file bug reports.

With the history between me and KMM, I wish I could do more, I wish I had other ways to push the project further. I dearly love KMM and it has served me well over the years. Support from the team (primarily Thomas and Jack in recent years) has always been excellent. They are kind, helpful and never tired to give you an extra hand. But I also can’t ignore that bugs don’t get fixed and that really useful enhancements are put on the back burner.

I don’t know what currently the general sentiment is. But I do wanted to vent my worries. I hope I’m seeing this all wrong!

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I also have had the same concerns.

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To illustrate my concerns with a factual problem: I’ve submitted bug 464931 almost 1,5 years ago (see KDE Bugzilla, not allowed to include links here). For business administration such a bug is an absolute blocker. But it is still not fixed. Unfortunately now it’s become even worse.

I’ve just ran the latest AppImage (5.1.80-0c1b954) with the following results:

The screenshot shows the interest column of the problematic loan. You’ll notice (bottom half) that the interest part has been entered as an expense wheres it should be an income (it’s a account receivable loan). And as you would expect (see the top half) the interest becomes less, the more you pay off. But with the latest build (see bottom half) the interest becomes more. Which is obviously wrong. Apparently the payments and/or interest is calculated in the wrong order.

This all leads to the fact that I can’t trust the numbers anymore. So I’m going to search my hard drive to see if I’ve got an old KMM binary without these issues.

I hope I’m not rubbing anyone backwards. I’ve got a ton respect for all the hard work which have been pored into this project. I just wished the quality could be improved. A financial application is useless if you can’t trust it’s arithmetic.

Thank you, Koos, for stating loudly what several of us feel. I too have hesitated to comment on my frustration of the state of reports in KMM because I admire Thomas, Jack, and others in the project. I don’t regret for one moment the decision that I made to jump in with both feet into KMM as my financial platform. I will not leave.

I agree with the original post and its comments.

First of all: thanks for expressing your concerns. This is valuable input for the team.

It may seem that development is proceeding a little slower than in previous years. I completely agree with you. There are many reasons for this and they have already been identified and mentioned: first and most prominent it’s manpower (we currently have 2 major devs working on KMyMoney and the underlying Alkimia library plus some occasional contributors) plus on an individual basis and unrelated to the project jobs, families, other activities, to name but a few.

The new CI/CD system from KDE has also caused us a few headaches recently. Again and again, due to changes made by third parties, analyses and corrections have been necessary in order to build the AppImages and Windows version. The MacOS version is still broken and I have no idea how to get it right. Nobody has yet responded to various requests for help who would like to take on this task and maintain it.

The focus lately - at least for me - has been on getting/keeping the master branch stable and fixing bugs, precisely so that we don’t get into a situation where we can no longer trust the software.

I have been using the master version exclusively for my own purposes for some time now. As far as fixing problems is concerned, this is often not easy, because the behavior is often dependent on the personal data, so that a reproduction based on the error description does not always work, making a prompt correction almost impossible.

This post here on the forum may serve as an example where we were really lucky to recognize the actual cause.

In handling the issue reported by Koos, there was also an unnecessary communication problem introduced by me: I had the impression that the problem had been solved. I had created a test file, but was unable to reproduce the problem. I then wrote to Koos directly, as personal data again plays an important role. I received and answer and hope that we can solve this together in the near future.

The reports are another area of diverse problems. We are aware of them. However, the reporting engine would have to be completely revised. But before we tackle this, we want to create a new stable version (based on the current master version). We also have in mind that we will have to port to Qt6/KF6 at some point in time. Some KDE developers have already done some preliminary work on this, so we hope that this will be one of the next major milestones and don’t take too long. On the other hand, if we don’t tackle this in time, support from the KDE CI/CD system for Qt5/KF5 will eventually be dropped and does no longer exist. Then we will have unnecessary problem areas again.

In summary: the project is alive, it is moving, albeit in small steps that are sometimes not visible from the outside.

Before I close, I would like to take this opportunity to mention the extremely valuable work of Jack, who signs responsible for updating the manual. He also answers questions e.g. on the BugTracker, the forum or the mailing list. Plus all other contributors not mentioned here but certainly recognized by the team. All small but important things that happen unnoticed in the background.


Thanks for the update, ipwizard. You, especially, seem to be one of the most involved people in responding to users and keeping us informed.

I am relieved to hear that the project is still on-going, even if at a slower pace than in the past.
Before selecting KMyMoney to replace Quicken, I tried ALL the alternatives. KMM had an attractive interface; but more than anything, it had the most promising report module of all the alternative software. Unfortunately, as a KMM user, I found that the report module had issues and that the team was very limited in it’s ability to fix those limitations. Your assurance that the report module is still getting attention is especially welcome.

I am understanding of the effort that goes into keeping the software the best and am relieved to hear you say that this effort is still on track, even if it will take longer than in the past.

Again, thanks to all for the work that was done and is on-going. Please keep of informed of work-in-progress so that we all feel assured that we can continue to depend on the gift you have given us.


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