, sort by compatibility?

Is there such a feature? I think the store is too filled with old broken stuff.

Many Addons dont work on Plasma 5 or now 6. At least adding a Plasma6 tag or something, is this possible? And developers need to add that tag to display the extension?

edit: yes it is done but only one is possible

I would like to help test etc. as the store really needs a cleanup.

It seems to work pretty well for Plasma 6 (it is pretty empty) but not sure if it works for everything like cursor themes etc. which are also not compatible but shown.

There is a different problem, that extensions often dont need to follow right standards and can be packaged randomly. This is especially bad with Dolphin context menu extensions.


For content that is only compatible with one major Plasma version, has different categories for them. For example all the Plasma 5 stuff is filed under Plasma 5 and the new Plasma 6 stuff is filed under Plasma 6. There doesn’t seem to be much if anything there for Plasma 6 yet.

Other content that does not have strict compatibility needs is generally intermixed.

In general I would like to see this improved by allowing content to be tagged with versions that it is known to be compatible with.