Strange artifacts in light colored applications

Hello all,
I am using openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE with a very light theme. I do this because a dark theme is unusable for me because I have difficulties reading the light text on a dark background.
What I see now is this: when I move my mouse in for example the KDE terminal “Konsole” I get this:

I see a trail where the mouse has been. For this picture I did move the mouse all over the place, but it always happens.
I am using Wayland with the Nvidia driver 545.29.06, but it also happens in X11 and even when using the AMD GPU instead of the Nvidia one.
I have just installed Tumbleweed again after having used Fedora 39 for a while. I also got this in Fedora so I imagine it is not something related to Tumbleweed. I have written this same message in the openSUSE forum to see if somebody there might have an answer, but I also thought of doing it here.
Does somebody here face the same issue as I have and if so, what have you done about it to make it stop?
Thank you.

This is 455526 – Blur glitches started to appear in wayland again. It’s fixed in Plasma 6.

Make your next GPU an AMD or Intel one. :slight_smile: