Strange category bug vote limits at

Any reason for the limit? I understand somewhat having a limit (although I disagree unless spam is a serious issue) but having 1 as the limit makes the functionality rather redundant for that category.

I find votes really useful. I’d like it to be lifted.

As far as I can tell, voting on bugs is a placebo for users, to make them feel like they have an effect on development prioritization, but this isn’t the case; nobody looks at votes them to prioritize work. For this reason, many Bugzilla products have disabled voting. The ones that haven’t probably didn’t realize they could.

If there’s any change to be made here, it would be to globally disable voting, to avoid giving people the wrong impressions.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you have increased the importance of some bugs in the past? Was it not because of the voting but the amount reports? Or the amount of People subscribing to the bug?


If they’re not used, certainly do disable them so that the users know this.

but otherwise, I think that they’re a great asset.

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I have, but it was generally because of a combination of factors:

  • Number of honestly submitted duplicate bug reports
  • Perceived severity of the issue
  • Whether or not it’s a regression

Number of votes or CCs doesn’t usually enter into it.

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Has this change been made? As far as I can tell, I cannot vote for bugs anymore (there is no vote option in the form). Also the My Votes link says “You are currently not voting on any bugs” for me. But I’m still receiving email notifications of bugs I’ve previously voted on!

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Given what Nate has written, it seems that, the only factor affecting the priority of any given Bug Report is, the text content written by the bug’s reporter.

  • Only those who can effectively formulate the text of the issue being reported, will enjoy a response by the developers …

Not a classless society but, just the same as democracy, to date a better solution hasn’t been found …
(BTW: I’ve misquoted Winston Spencer Churchill … )

All in all, I prefer to refer to “Bug Reports” and “Error Reports” as –

  • Change Requests.

The reason being, most developers have expended their best efforts to write the code and, despite that effort, someone notices that something could, possibly, be changed …
And, we wish to point out the need for a code change as politely as possible …

The change has been made, yes. Voting has been globally disabled going forward.

If you’re still receiving email notifications for bugs you previously voted on, it’s because the act of voting also CCd you on those bugs. You can un-CC yourself.

Hmm, I’m getting notifications on for example 196772 – Dolphin tree view needs method to expand and collapse all/selected nodes and the email footer says “You are receiving this mail because: You voted for the bug.” But I’m not in the CC list in the bug.

Ah, I guess it’s different then. Are you unable to remove your votes?

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Yep. There is no voting option (even for unvoting) showing on the bug.

Interestingly, unlike how I saw in my earlier comment (Strange category bug vote limits at - #6 by johnveness), the My Bugs link in the top-right no longer says “You are currently not voting on any bugs” but instead now shows me three Okular bugs I voted on! (Maybe the Okular devs re-enabled bugs for that product). So My Bugs would allow me to remove my votes for Okular but not for votes in other products.

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I see in I can turn off being emailed for bugs I’ve voted on. This doesn’t remove the votes but would solve the email notification problem for me I guess, and other users could do the same.

Feels a little messy, though. Is there no admin interface to remove all existing votes?

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Does Log in to KDE Bugtracking System work?

Sorry, that’s what I meant in my earlier comment, when I incorrectly said My Bugs - I meant My Votes. For me it only shows me three Okular bugs I’ve voted on, not the dozens of others, and not ones I’m still getting notification emails about.

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How strange. Might be worth a sysadmin ticket at Login.

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Thanks, done.

(20 chars)

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Seems like maybe we should also request upstream that users be able to remove votes from products where votes have been disabled.

That’s fine, but I really didn’t need 6+ identical emails for every bug I had ever voted on. I received 52 emails.


Yeah, neither did I. :confused:

I didn’t realize that ysadmins were going to remove everyone’s votes, and that doing so would generate so much email spam. This didn’t seem ideal.

However, it’s done now, so hopefully we can put it behind us!

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I found it quite useful actually, it gave me records of which I’d voted on. It only needed a shift-click to archive too, so I don’t think it was a bad idea.