Stupid question on kwin environment variables

I just replaced my nvidia card for an AMD one, as the former decided to die on me. However, I am seeing some unwanted and strange behavior now that I did not see with nvidia. They seem to be Wayland related, but I also found some nvidia specific environment variables I had set in How bad and unexpected behaviors can this cause, or is it just discarded if the hardware is not there?

If the env var has Nvidia or “nv” in the name, it will make no difference on AMD.

Thanks, I removed them anyway where I found them but I guess it is ‘just’ Wayland being a pain and crashing the compositor. Remains funny everybody recommends AMD gpu over Nvidia, but I’ve never experienced any GUI issues with it in Wayland or X11. Now with an AMD card, the only reliable setup is that using X11.

It’s a bit of a red herring.
A lot of times it is just standard to “blame nvidia”, and to some extent, it might be true at times.
But when it comes to Wayland, it is very often Wayland things rather than nvidia things, as you just experienced.