Successful update of my KDE installation to Plasma 6

Hi Community,
I have successfully updated my LENOVO Laptop (T14) with a KDEneon installation today. The update went smoothly and without any crashes.

A first start in a Wayland session was also successful and did not take longer than an X11 session under Plasma 5.

There were only two problems that occurred after the update. Kmail/Kontact no longer started because the akonadi-backend-mysql package was removed during the update. A subsequent installation of this package successfully solved the problem.

The second minor problem was that key combinations I had created to start a console with a certain profile no longer worked. Creating a new key combination in the system settings also solved the problem successfully. I will continue to look for bugs in the new Plasma 6 (Wayland Session) and report here or open a bug report if necessary.

Thanks to the many KDE developers who have made this new version of the desktop possible. You have done a great job.


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