[Suggestion] Tiling for Window Rules in KDE / Relative positions

Hello KDE!

since i am building my workflow around virtual desktops with window tiling for three screens.

However, this means that certain applications should always be started on a certain virtual desktop and, within that VD, on a specific monitor screen, and on that monitor in a specific position.

This can, of course, be achieved using KWin Rules. However, the KWin Position would always be absolute, with 0,0 being the top left corner of the leftmost screen. This causes problems when i change the screen arrangement in the settings, because all the KWin rules have to be redone after a change in screen setup. Worst of all, some dialogue windows may pop up outside of the visible area.

Hence my proposal is to add - at some point - rules to specify the tile which a window should be applied to. So that it can be set to always be tiled to the left, for example. It would increase the portability of rules aswell, so that the same workflow can be used on several machines, like desktop and notebook.

However, the practicability of this i cannot estimate. Thoughts?