Swith to external monitor by default

I have a laptop with external monitor. I select “Switch to external monitor” from “Display Configuration” tray icon, then close notebook lid. If I turn off the monitor, and turn back on, it switches to “Unify outputs” automatically. I would like to stay with “Switch to external monitor”.

On Matrix a user suggested: when the (external) monitor is turned off the output is probably being disconnected so although the lid is closed the only active output is the panel; when the (external) monitor is switched on its output becomes active and the default state is presumably “Unify outputs”

If that is the case, how can I have “Switch to external monitor” as default?

You may need to go into the display settings and manually apply the configuration to only have the external monitor enabled. For some reason what the display configuration tray icon is only temporary and does not get saved (will be fixed in the Plasma 6 Wayland session)

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And where is this configuration to have only the external monitor enabled?

I went in Settings → Display and Monitor → Display Configuration .

I can select the monitor, and there is an “Enabled” checkbox.

But that still seems not to be permanent. When I switch off the external monitor and switch it on again, it still goes back to “Unify outputs”

still need help with this

Dusted off an old laptop of no use,
Went to the display setting details where laptop is primary and both displays enabled with the checkboxes,
on mine
This is in System settings - Display config checked the settings were same good to go,
Purposely kept the system setting panel up.
Turned off the monitor powerpoint left it for about 4 ~ 5 mins
Switched the power on, monitor on now - when the power and monitor and laptop all met up again now there’s a notify banner across top of System setting panel with this
New output has been added. settings have been restored
now if I had not left that settings panel up and open would not have seen it, true.
that confirms the system is aware of the external monitor connection,

I never have used that tray icon, set things up in the system settings the tray icon is not the place for permanent system settings.

So the way to check, what is where is.

Go into system settings - display config check all the details again and check the checkboxes are switch on/off correctly (details above)
DO not close the system settings panel on Ext Monitor now turn off that Ext monitor leave few mins at least then switch it on again
Do this and one time leave open the laptop lid, then next time shut it , the lid that is,

Did you get a notify banner popup ?
and if not a least it will show that something is not set correctly.

Hope this helps