System limiting performance

So I’ve been running KDE neon for 2 days now and I encountered a MASSIVE problem,
for some reason it’s convinced my system is running too hot and it’s limiting the performance (yes I am running the max performance setting) however I have checked the temps and it is running just fine

  • CPU 1: 30 C
  • CPU 2: 30 C
  • GPU 1: 50 C

Is there any way of stopping the computer from limiting performance?
Is this a bug?
Is there some file somewhere in the system that decides the maximum temperature?
If you know the answer to any one of those questions then please respond and help me fix this, thanks : )

This is controlled by your device’s firmware, far below the level of anything we do.

If you uninstall power-profiles-daemon, it may prevent user-facing software from noticing and reacting accordingly, but the system’s firmware itself won’t be affected.