Systray icon text overlay is too small. Can I enlarge it?

Hello everybody,

when I upgraded my system yesterday (after noticing, it would not update automatically for over two weeks), I had to reconfigure the plasma workspace, panel and the widgets again, unfortunately :weary: .

Well, okay, I lost half a day on it. The remaining problem is, the text over the systray icons has become very small, like 6 pixels of height from the 36 pixels of systray height. From a reasonable distance to the screen I cannot read it. Before the ominous update, it was more like 12 pixels. Even 10 pixels works in my still young age for a good vision.

Is this sudden reduction in size a regression or something that can be configured? I did not find where to configure it.

Btw, I noticed, it depends on the selected weather station how usable the weather application is. While “German Weather Service” works great, “wetter. com” doesn’t. With “wetter. com” I don’t see text overlaid over the icon and it doesn’t show half of the offered quantities. Maybe there is a better place to mention this?

Help or direction is appreciated, thank you.