Task Manager application and system tray icons bunching up

G’day all! I’m running KDE (well, at least plasmashell) 6.0.4 on Nobara 39 (all updated to latest). When I hover over the application shortcuts in the Task Manager bar or over the system tray icons (Network, Sound, Notifications, KDE Connect, etc.) they seemed to disappear, but on a second look they bunch up on the far left (where the Application Manager/Menu icon is – which is still working, by the way).

This happens with both the Task Manager panel and the Icons-only Task Manager panel (which I personally dislike, but it seemed worthy of a try) and persists after a ‘desktop reset’ (System Settings > Appearance > Global Theme, two ticks) and restarts of the PC.

And it’s driving me bonkers. Is this some stupid thing I did? Can I undo/repair this? Or is this ‘bug worthy’? I vaguely remembering having seen this before (on KDE 5, I guess), but thought it was me and I reinstalled the OS from scratch. Anyone have any brilliant ideas? (I’ll happily settle for less than brilliant, as long as they’re better than my faffing about so far.)

Oh – I’ll be out of the country and away from this system for a few days, riding tonight. Back on Friday/Saturday.

EDIT: found a workaround, be it a rather annoying one. I created a new admin user, logged in on that account and copied over the entire ./config directory over to the defective actual account. Overwrite All, chowned everything, and now I have to redo a pretty bunch of settings, but at least the icons are staying put.

If you’re somehow using software rendering, this is fixed with icon: Remove the node with lowest opacity when animation end (!1494) · Merge requests · Frameworks / Kirigami · GitLab, which will be in Frameworks 6.3.