Testers for a new Configuration Module: Wakeupmanager

having been frustrated with a mouse that at any bump to the table woke up my desktop from S3 sleep, I came up with

which is a configuration module for configuring sources of S3/S4 wake-up. It can enable/disable any BIOS wake-up source. Devises are shown hierarchically, because you e.g. have to enable an internal USB hub in order to be able to have your USB keyboard connected to that hub wake up your computer. It can also configure Wake-On-Lan for that purpose for devices identified as Ethernet adapters and of course it can be used, to configure e.g. waking up when opening a laptop lid.
Any feedback on the module’s usefulness, bugs or lack of proper coding are very welcome.


Is this packaged for any distributions or flatpak?

I have added a .deb package manually, no CI/CD, yet. It works for me on both Debian 11 and current testing: Package Registry · Birger Koblitz / wakeupmanager · GitLab

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Apologies. I didn’t know about the ./-/packages section in GitLab.

No, no, don’t apologize, I only added the package this morning. I hope the .deb is useful to you.

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