Thank you for all your effort

To all KDE developers out there: Thank you for all your work on KDE Plasma and Applications.

I am a relatively new user; I have been using linux for two years now. Started out with Manjaro KDE under the condition if it won´t boot after an update or starts crashing I must hop distro and / or DE. Guess what, I am still on Manjaro KDE despite all the expectations set by my colleagues. My laptop survived the Plasma 6 update pretty smoothly. I only had to reconfigure my panel and wait for some widgets to upgrade to 6. I am happy with the simplicity of Linux; Once I realised everything is configured by plain text files I got this sense of control. In other OS-es I’ve always felt lost.

Plasma is a breath of fresh air. After experimenting with different layouts (latte dock only, small panel top right only, short panel with toggle widget to switch to full size panel) and trying GNOME I 've settled on a convenient middle ground between clutter and access to actions. Having every action within the reach of one click leads to a cluttered panel, so I tried to do everything using max 2 clicks. I got what I wanted by using the following:
A default panel at top, Shutdown or Switch widget, Spacer as Pager widget, pager widget, Krohnkite KWin script for dynamically tiling and Temporary Virtual Desktops.

At work I am bound to Windows 10 and 11 and boy, do I miss my KDE Plasma set-up. In hindsight I have been struggling with windows 10 for years; What kept me from linux and plasma all those years was the warnings of some linux experienced colleagues to expect a bumpy ride with random crashes and annoying bugs and spending a lot of time on the internet figuring out how to fix them or to erase-and-rewind. But that is not what I experienced; I only had to resolve a few dependency conflicts of my own making. I am glad I took the plunge and have finally a desktop that is out of my way and supports my workflow.

Thanks everyone!


You can say, it’s a breeze!

But yeah, I totally agree with all the thanks! Thank you so much for plasma and all your effort. It’s very apparent that all of it was made with love!