Thank you KDE community!

I wanted to take the time to thank you for putting in all the effort to create highly customisable software!
Not every user is the same and many of us have different needs when it comes to interacting with our machines. Big companies who have the resources, however, frankly do not care about giving users options (just think about Apple).
Given this situation, it fills me with a feeling of gratitude that there is a community of people who not only understand that need but spend their spare time to create highly customisable, privacy respecting software to empower others to optimise their workflow.
Thank you for your effort and know that there are people who choose your solutions for their versatility and ease of use.
I do use custom keyboard-shortcuts, I oftentimes do change standard layouts of your interfaces to suit my needs, I love the global menu of Plasma, I do use different keyboard layouts for different programmes and I do eliminate the title bar and frame for specific programmes with KWin — and I am very happy to be provided with these options!
Thank you <3