Thanks and a question- Archiving

Firstly, thank you to all those involved in developing and maintaining Kdenlive and to allowing us all to use it. It is an amazing piece of software that I have now been using for about three years but are very definitely still a novice.
I have a question regarding archiving. I note that archived projects do not save the Effects and Settings used. Is this correct or am I missing a trick when setting up? If it is normal, is it likely to be incorporated in the future?

Hello @BargainBobCam, welcome to the forum.
Kdenlive should save the effect settings of clips. In upcoming version 23.08.5 we fixed some of the known archiving issues. Check out if your issue is fixed as well.

Hello again, Thank you for your prompt reply. Having now updated Kdenlive to 23.08.5 that you issued today, I can confirm that Archive Project does now save Effects and their Settings . I am using Windows 10 . Thanks again.