The Checklist

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Ironic, the checklist itself by the end of the text is the only thing that Konqi didn’t show in the generated preview :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Reorganizing the Development wiki pages
  • Writing about KDE development with containers
  • Finishing the Translation How To
  • Fixing all product documentation for Plasma
  • Devising a code overview for Plasma components
  • Writing a full tutorial on KDE CI
  • Writing down most of the automation done by sysadmin

Konqi didn’t show it because it wasn’t given to Konqi in the first place: the post’s summary in your RSS feed has no such list :stuck_out_tongue:

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You mean the Show Full Post button grabs the text from RSS rather than directly from the page? :eyes:

Sorry, a misunderstanding from my side. You are right, the post content shown by clicking “Show Full Post” doesn’t contain the checklist and that has nothing to do with the RSS feed.

As for the reason, that apparently has something to do with this setting. My guess is that those checkboxes are input elements and so they are removed. Harald or Carl may know better than me.

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