The "priceFormatted" column does not populate with 1, or any value when I save

Hi all,

Hope this question isn’t too technical for this forum.

I’m using Excel to report on my KmyMoney data. I linked the SQLLite file as a live ODBC link to an Access database with Excel as a front end.

The Reporting query gets the amount value from [valueFormatted]/[priceFormatted] because I have foreign currency amounts and I need to convert everything to local currency on my reports.

I noticed that for some reason, the “priceFormatted” value is not updated to “1” unless I close the application, and re-open again. This causes query errors because of the division by null values.

Is this issue something that can be fixed? And populate all the KMMSPLITS fields at save?


I suspect that doing a File/Save will also update the value, no need to close and restart KMM. The issue is that while KMM is capable of storing data in an SQL database (sqlite or a full RDBMS) it does NOT update the database at each transaction. It reads the data when starting, then behaves the same as using the XML storage backend. It only writes out the complete dataset when you do a File/Save.

There have been requests to change this behavior, but it would take a major re-write of much of the internal code, so it is not likely to happen any time soon.

Thanks Ostroffjh for the quick reply.

I did a quick test, the file/save updates one side of the transaction only, not the counterpart.

So I transferred 25 from account ID A000001 to account ID A000270.
I was in the A000001 ledger screen. Only one side was updated on “Save”.

So I think the Save only updates a portion of the database not all of it.

@Rami_Matar You already opened a bug report. Just wanted to keep a reference here.

Thanks all, I’ll keep an eye on the bug. I have a workaround in the meantime.