The Twee blocking of certain words

This is the second time my use of innocuous words or phrases has been blocked by this site.

The First was when mentioned the Name of a person involved in the computer industry and the eponymous Computer systems.

That was W.A.N.G computers and the man of the same name. Because in America that is a word used to refer to male genitalia.

The second was today and my use of an innocuous phrase W I L L Y nilly, apparenly I may not use this phrase in case some one has heart failure whist clutching their Pearls, because of the first word willee with a Y

This is so ridiculous, because I can swear using the word god. I guess god is a good word no matter the context it’s used in.

Can we have an Adult look into this… Please.

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Sounds like a classic case of the Scunthorpe Problem. (NSFTFM)

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That’s one I haven’t heard?

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ANY word censoring on any site or forum is FloCKIN stupid. Peeps need to grow the Flock up.

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… and that underlines the stupidity of censoring words.

We’ll start sounding like we’re in The Good Place :slight_smile:

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I guess it ain’t gonna get fixed.

It isn’t. And if you insinuate that we are stupid again we’ll have a problem.

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