The WiFi menu is the best KDE dialog window made so far

This menu is glorious. It has just the right amount of nerdy stuff to show:

The design is sleek, it’s very custom-designed, by default it shows only the important information, but if you click on any access point it shows you much more stuff you never asked for, but were also never opposed to seeing. Man, I really like it.


The improvements I suggest in KDE, not just this wifi menu but on a lot of places are to have a more modern UI. Eg: The “disconnect” isn’t looking like a button until it is focused.
Just few improvements to the UI and it’ll be awesome🔥.
This might be possible with 3rd party plugins(not sure), but still the default should be improved.

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Yes, it’s a great example of UI in Plasma, I don’t have to worry about anyone I set up a PC with Kubuntu not being able to connect to their network.

Though I also am not a fan of “buttons” that you don’t know are buttons until you hover over them. Because it just looks like a label.

The UI on my phone doesn’t have “connect” / “disconnect”. It’s just a list of WIFI names, and clicking on an item will connect to it and disconnect the current one.

I think it makes sense, as this is the most frequent operation. If you want to disconnect the current WIFI without connecting to another, you need to click the expander arrow to find the “disconnect” button.

The phone UI also doesn’t attempt show nearly as much information as plasma does. Besides, touch interfaces are notoriously imprecise, so you have to make the most common interactive elements as large as possible.

Great design maybe. But I wish it wouldn’t always say something like “Last used 22 hours ago” for the connection I just switched from a few minutes ago. And I wish it didn’t show me the dozen or so wifi networks of my neighbors that I’ll never connect to (how would it know? Well it would know by giving me a way to “stop showing me this one”).

What bugs me is animation speed: it seems very inconsistent with the rest of the system. Am I the only one, or has it been fixed?