These past 2 weeks in KDE: Wayland color management, the desktop cube returns, and optional shadows in Spectacle

Aaaaaand it’s a big one! I challenge anyone to read this week’s (well, these past two weeks’) report and not find something they’ve been wanting for a long time. 🙂

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So much great stuff in here!
I remember all the devs saying that Plasma 6 would be mostly just Qt6 porting and not a lot of user facing changes but so far there seem to be a ton of really cool changes that, combined with improved Wayland support, really have me excited for Plasma 6!
Thanks to all the amazing people that are making that happen!


The cube is back? NICE

Nice feature :art:

How to change the mouse cursor colour without the kde download center in system settings? I would prefer to change the cursor with the default settings.

This isn’t officially supported; you’d need to manually edit the colors of the cursor icons if you want to change only the colors and nothing else.

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Thanks for your reply.

Now the question is to edit the cursor colour, the cursor is set with breeze light, the help section is not helpful.

not easy…

A huge shout out to Vlad Zahorodnii’s work on the cube, and for the many testers, it’s hard to overstate the amount of work that goes into things like this, - lots are relatively small features, but involve evenings, weekends, late nights, which absolutely needs to be recognised.


So much good stuff it’s hard to keep up! :star_struck:

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