This week in KDE: a smooth release

The KDE Mega-Release came out a few days ago and I’m happy to report that it went well. Initial impressions seem to be overwhelmingly positive! I’ve been doing extra bug triage and social media monitoring since then to see if there were any major issues, and so far things look really good on the bug front too. I think our 3 months of QA paid off! So congratulations everyone for a job well done! Hopefully this should help banish those now 16-year-old painful memories of KDE 4. 🙂 It’s a new KDE now. Harder, better, faster, stronger!

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The developers have done a great job! Personally, I am very happy with the new Kde 6. I use Kde Neon. And yes, there were problems when upgrading to Kde Neon, but it’s not fatal, since I used the console to shut down, reboot, etc. But everything has already been fixed.

Yeah, this was really a good release, although I had a rough start, but I was expecting it.

  1. First, I was greeted by a fallback SDDM screen with virtual keyboard that was covering 90% of the screen, so I didn’t have access to SDDM options. Luckily, I was able to log in nevertheless, and one of the first things I did was to look for SDDM theme and change it to Breeze. The issue was, that during update the system defaulted to Manjaro default theme - Breathe, which wasn’t updated to Plasma 6, so it was incompatible, hence the fallback.
  2. Second, latte failed to load, so the desktop was empty, no panels or anything.
  3. I created a default panel, but: systray failed to load, showing that it is incompatible with Plasma 6. It was because I was previously using modified systray version for enhanced color capabilities from latte. I had to track down its files and deleted it. Then systray showed up correctly.
  4. Any of the launch icons were inactive and I couldn’t right-click it. Some configs mismatch. I decided to nuke my configs, renamed .config folder and brought back only files for the apps I know I need, omitting Plasma configs.

After reboot, it was time to go through settings and bring back my preferenced ones.

I was using Plasma since 5.3 continuously, on the same install, so I expected those problems. I wished Plasma had some SDDM migration screen where possible conflicts were detected and solutions proposed, so the experience would be even smoother. Still, I experienced worse releases.

Given the fact how much has changed under the hood, this was still a good experience, because after I fixed my initial issues, Plasma 6 works well. There are some bugs, but there are fairly minor.

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