This week in KDE: colorblindness correction filters

This week there’s a lot of news on the accessibility front in particular! Beyond that, we have a fairly juicy assortment of other new features and user interface improvements, so have a look:

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The color compensation filters feature is AMAZING! Color vision deficiencies can absolutely be a barrier to effectively understanding and interacting with information (my daily job used to involve data visualization production, and I felt I was constantly banging the drum of not using color as the only indicator of difference), so providing a full system-level solution like this will make it easier for more people to do more things!


I just found the colorblind filter in the KDE 6 release notes… but I don’t like it. I feel it makes things look worse. I have deuteranomaly and prefer the way Windows 10/11 handles the filters by increasing saturation, rather than take it away. For example: KDE makes the color red look like pink. It’s not useful… to me. That said, I understand why some might not like the Windows filters because certain colors look “flat” if they are over-saturated, but I just use the keyboard shortcut to temporarily turn off the filter if needed.

Who do I contact to request something like the Windows 10/11 color filters?

Addjusting intensity will be available on 6.1. It is already merged

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That’s interesting and I thank you for the link, but the new feature doesn’t makes colors more intense. It’s still the same denaturation effect, but with an intensity adjustment. It’s just not useful to me in its current iteration. :frowning:

Thanks for the reply though.

@fusionfuture You might be interested in this feedback?

Not sure if I can do anything though, but the red channel is not shifted by default, which might cause some problems.

If you have a better shader, feel free to submit it to kwin.