This week in KDE: our cup overfloweth with cool stuff for you

This week a lot of work that has been in progress for weeks got merged! So check out the free goodies! And isn’t that amazing? Free stuff day after day, week after week. No price tag, no ads, no spying, no activation, no subscription, no nonsense. Just good work donated to the public. And not only from KDE, but the software stack we rely on, the distributions that make our software available, and on and on! We really live in an amazing time, folks.

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So many great things, awesome!!

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Discover no longer misleadingly and incorrectly claims that apps with no licenses listed are proprietary (Harald Sitter, Plasma 6.0.5. Link)

But every software without a licence is indeed by definition proprietary. (Proprietary software - Wikipedia)

I am too lazy to check, but I hope we also show a similar warning as for proprietary software when there is no licence available. It legally doesn’t make a lot of sense AFAIK to assume that an unknown licence was less worrisome than a proprietary one.

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