This week in KDE: the Plasma 6 feature freeze approaches

At this point nearly all the planned features for Plasma 6 are done, and everyone’s focus has begun to shift to bug-fixing and polishing. People are reporting plenty of bugs (most of them fairly minor) and we’re fixing them as fast as we can! In addition to that, some larger and more notable changes went in too:

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It’s good news, I just want to mention that two major problems that Plasma suffers from after any minor/major upgrade are:

  • managing conflicts between old and new configuration files, sometimes I’m forced to create a whole new user to solve most of those mysterious bugs;
  • and emptying ~/.cache folder

Because most ambiguous and hard to reproduce bugs come from those sources.

You’re not wrong. FWIW Some of the cache issues are on the 15-minute bug list, which is now down to 40 items. So I expect they will eventually get fixed.


Down to 40 items. That’s awesome Nate.

Yeah we’re getting there! This is another reason I was so excited to have gotten a 3-month bugfix period before Plasma 6 is released. There’s going to be a lot of dedicated stability work that I anticipate rives that number down even more, in addition to fixing a lot of lower priority general bugs.


That’s great so people will not complain like in KDE 4 era and hopefully it will erase KDE buggy reputation once and for all.


That’s the idea, yeah!