Time remapping crash with 24.02.2


Posting here, because I haven’t got a minimal reproducer yet for a proper bug report, but someone might recognize this:

I’ve got one clip in a large project that ramps up to a section time remapped at 3500x speed, and it seems that if I seek randomly into that section of it on the timeline, there are some points in it that will crash kdenlive. It seems to be quite reproducible in this project, because until I realised what was happening, kdenlive would crash, I’d restart it, select the timeline, and it would instantly crash again. It wasn’t until I moved the cursor after first switching to the clip monitor that I could get it to stop crashing.

I’m guessing the large steps through the source clip causes some corruption. That section plays and renders ok from start to end, you just can’t safely jump into the middle of it.

But that seems to be the only way time remapping is misbehaving for me with this release, most of the historical quirks I’d learned to step around are gone, thanks!

If you could share your project file perhaps someone can try to reproduce and help the dev team with homing in on the bug.