Today, 10th 2023 Kdenlive 23.04.0 updted to I presume the new project file version 1.1 and drama

Please advise how to go back to “pre” new project version 1.1
From this morning I am unable to create a new project without this Project bin having the name with sequences file folder displayed. I have had 23.04.0 installed and create a video less than 11 days ago without this new feature. This is why I suspect this may have something to do with the new project version 1.1 and would like to regress to the previous new project file version. I don’t have time to reproduce the hours of work to find the sequence is all messed up again. Else I will install older versions to continue.

After you installed the previous version look for the backup folder in your project folder. IIRC it’s a hidden one. Then open one of the .kdenlive files

The problem is that I have to change my workflow to the new sequences idea and this is proving challenging or install an older version.

Kdenlive at he end of April worked fine without this new project version 1.1 with the sequences… then this update now not able to regress.

Yep, the new project file format is not backwards compatible Once saved by version 23.04 you can’t open it in previous versions. But there are project files in the .backup folder that can be opened by previous versions

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Apparently the sequence issue I noted is hopefully addressed with the available update 23.04.1… have project backups of backups… many, lol, so gone to the attic in search of the Pre New Project version 1.1 and install older version 23.04 without sequence story and continue to finish video… then will look at this 23.04.1 version sequences… played a bit with it and looks good to split video into smaller parts but don’t trust to test update only to find still other issues. Older worked… I’ll get the video published then fiddle with new. Lol

May16th 07h30 GMT can confirm issue with timeline audio issue is resolved with the 23.04.1 appimage available at Download - Kdenlive for Ubuntu22.04.2LTS

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