Tooltips rendering problems

Since upgrading to Leap 15.5 (didn’t happen on 15.4), I can see graphical glitches on tooltips for pure KDE/Qt applications such a Kate or RSS Guard, or applications that use the Qt toolkit for drawing the Ui such as LibreOffice (the problem does not happen if selecting LibreOffice’s GTK3 interface).

This problem happens when moving the mouse pointer from one button to another (I made a short screencast, but discuss does not allow me to upload it). In the case of Kate, for example, the tooltip will try to redraw, but fail, with different parts of it blinking. On other apps such as LyX it will redraw quickly so the glitches are less noticeable.

Usually moving away and back the mouse pointer will successfully redraw the tooltip, but then at the next move the following tooltip will fail.

I’m using the X11 session on Plasma 5.27.4, Frameworks 5.103.0 and Qt 5.15.8 with Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics 630.

Does anybody else see this problem? I know of at least one user seeing it on Tumbleweed, but someone else on Ubuntu cannot reproduce it.

Hi there! Just got the same issue on kubuntu 23.04.
And fixed by disabling “Morphing Popups” desktop effect. It’s in Workspace Behavior settings.

Thank you! That was useful. With this hint I was able to find a bug report about this problem