Touchpad stops working after resume from suspend

After last update (12.04.2023) of KDE Neon synaptics touchpad stops working after resume from suspend. Enabling/disabling via xinput doesn’t help. No errors in logs and no ideas where to dig :frowning:

Please help.

Temporary workaround:

  1. switch to older kernel (I don’t have any problems with 5.15.0-69-generic for example)
  2. turn on touchpad after resume without rebooting:
sudo modprobe -r -v rmi_smbus  && sudo modprobe -v rmi_smbus

Does it completely stop working or does it still work if you use 2 fingers instead of one? That’s been a problem for me sometimes, and I think other people have had it too.

Completely stop working.

Sounds like a kernel regression TBH.