Track Header red or green

what does it mean when the track header is red or green, and how do you switch it?

Green: Track is active (important for 3-point editing)
Grey: Track is inactive
Red: Track is locked

You toggle between active and inactive by clicking on the track indicator.

See this section in the Kdenlive documentation

I have already looked at the description in the manual, but it does not describe how to change the red back to green, as in not locked.
How do you do that?

Click on the lock icon :wink:

Ah, yes, that works now. I thought Iā€™d already tried that umpteen times. At least after a restart, the lock now turns red or green.

No, I mean this
image or this:

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Not quite: The lock just locks or unlocks, the track header color changes to red or back to green or grey

Thank you, it was very easy.

It would make sense for the lock to turn red when it is closed.