Transform on top of Obscure

I have the Transform effect zooming into an area of the video clip. I also applied the Obscure effect to blur a small area. However, the area that I want to be blurred shifts due to the Transform effect and becomes visible. How do I make the Obscure effect respect the Transform effect? In other words, I want to somehow group the Obscure effect and the video, so that the Transform effect would be applied to the video with the Obscure effect as one whole. How can I achieve this?

Have you tried reversing the order of the two effects in the effect stack?

Admittedly, some effects always take the raw source dimensions when making their calculations so that the sequence in the stack doesn’t matter. In this case you need to keyframe the effect.

@berndmj Yes, I tried that without success. What do you mean by keyframing the effect?

Well, I just tested it (23.04.2 appimage on Pop!_OS 22.04) and the Obscure effect moves and zooms with the Transform effect when O is on top of T in the effect stack. If T is on top of O, the area and size of O stays relative to the monitor but of course the area to be obscured shifts.

I also did notice that O does not have keyframes. Sorry for the confusion but I did not know off the top of my head when I replied.

The approach to achieve your goal is to do this:

  • Clear the effect stack
  • Apply the Alpha Shape (Mask) effect and adjust size and position to meet your needs
  • Apply the Pixelize effect
  • Apply the Mask Apply effect
  • Apply the Transform effect and change size and position as desired

Hope this helps …