Transformed image covers whole screen!

I was making a video for YouTube and spent time working on the background and getting an image placed perfectly to change the captions to fit what I was saying, but after rendering it to a file, I found out that the captions cover the entire screen! I tried rendering it again, but the same thing happened! I had already published it when I found out, so I must fix it. It’s the sequel to a video with 3,500 views!

Hi! You may provide further details like:

  • Version of Kdenlive you are using
  • OS version you are using (Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Fedora,…)
  • If Linux: how installed (System package, Flatpak, Appimage,…)
  • How did you create the captions (using the Subtitle feature?)
  • Screenshots may help

If this is a user error this is the right place to discuss it. If this is a bug, you should report it to instead. If you are unsure what it is we can find out together.

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Hello! Thank you for your response! Here are some more details:

  • I’m using version 23.08.4.
  • I installed it using Flatpak on the store app.
  • I used an edited image to create the captions so I could match the background.

Screenshot from 2024-03-10 19-31-41
It looks like this in the app.
Since I made an account today, despite using the app for about two years, I can’t put the other image, but it was just the text.

It looks like this as a file.

There we go.

Thanks. There will be an update for the Flatpak to version 24.02 in a few hours. The first thing I suggest is to update and try if the issue is fixed.

If it still does not work:
I guess you used an transform effect to place the image on top of the other? Please describe as detailed as possible all the steps that you did, so we can try to do the same and reproduce. It would also be interesting if you could reproduce the issue with a very simple project eg. an empty project with just the one caption image

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Thank you for the information and advice.

I just replicated it with an assignment for school.

I go to Effects then search “Trans” to find Transform and drag it onto the image. I click the image on the timeline and drag the red circle with the x to move it, dragging the size as necessary.

I also tried it with a small project, but it still did this.

The Flatpak update is out now. Please update and try again (make sure the version in the menu “Help” > “About Kdenlive” is 24.02). Still the same?

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Yippie! It works! Thank you so much!

:tada: Glad I could help! You are welcome!