Transition from old forum

I am wondering how we should best handle transition from the old forum. The poll on importing the old forum was in favor of not importing the old data, that does leave us in a bit of a weird state with currently ongoing threads on the old forum though. We somehow need to get those transitioned.

We seem to have two options. Suffice to say I’m in favor of A because it means we don’t take away engineering time from other projects. What do you all think?

Option A

Have two forums for a month or two, with a banner on the old forum asking everyone to wrap up topics and create new ones on the new forum. Advantage of this is that it requires little to no engineering of any sort. Disadvantage that it’s not exactly the best of user experiences.

Option B

Import recent threads from the old forum into the new forum. Advantage is a more seamless experience. Disadvantage is that we don’t know the engineering cost of this since we basically need to tuck some constraints onto a regular data import.

(Option C)

Import everything. We’ve kind of already discounted this option. It’s more or less the same as B but the engineering cost is definitely less since we don’t need additional constraints.

I think Option A is fine


I just joined here, but I’d say let’s start fresh with option A.


I also think option A is the best out of those


Option D.

Do something similar to a ‘wget -r’ on the original forums. This creates a load of html pages with images and all. Or, in other words, a static website.

Dump the entire result in a git repo and host that on the KDE git.

Bonus points for running a purely static website based on this data for some months. But with a little bit of work and scripting the offline “website” (slash git repo) can have its absolute links replaced with relative ones making it entirely possible to browse locally with just your browser and a git checkout.

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