Turn off auto clearing in KMYMoney?

How do i turn off autoclearing in KMYMoney?

What do you mean by autoclearing and what do you do so that it happens?

When I go to reconcile an account there are some entries that are already cleared in the reconciliation column. This is an action that is not desirable for me, I do not know what causes certain transactions to be cleared before I start reconciliation.


Are any of those entries from scheduled transactions? Or possibly left over from a postponed reconciliation?

No, I’m certain that it’s not leftover. I reconcile my accounts once a year and there are cleared transactions scattered thru the account for the upcoming months. I have no scheduled transactions, all my entries are exported in from downloaded banking info (.qfx format)
I checked to see if it might be from reconciled transactions in other accounts but that’s not it - even unassigned transactions have some cleared and it’s not consistent. In other words, it’s not just certain transactions that should up cleared, it just seems random


Imported from OFX and manually accepted is what might be causing the transactions to be cleared. @kellyv Can you confirm this? BTW, which version of KMyMoney are you using?

Sorry for the delay. I tried to find similarities between already cleared xactions, the only thing I found was that something shows up in ‘payees - matching - list of matching names’; payees that are pre-cleared have a matching name. There are only a handful that it happens to, not all imported transactions
It may be leftover from my import from GNUcash? IDK. version of KMyMoney is 5.1.1