Two of my icons suddenly turned bigger

It happened after a sudden logout I can not complain.
I’m using the Gruvbox icon set which does not have configurable sizes from system-settings.
Maybe there is some .cache file(s) I have to delete?
I tried reinstalling the icon theme/switching to another one/rebooting…

One icon is Adv. Radio Player, the other Pidgin. They used to be about half or 66% the size.

If they were smaller before, that’s what seems like the bug, to be honest. The sizes shown in the screenshot seem correct to me.

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Hm, they used to be that smaller size for more than a year, also look at the margin/space between the speech bubble and the clipboard, isn’t it too small?

The lightbulb is slim, I guess it has a large side padding that appears as a margin. Better comparison then is speech bubble|<>|clipboard with speaker|<>|network.

Although ISTM the speaker also has a (small) padding.

BTW, what is the cute sleeping cat?

It’s CatWalk. I turned off the percentage.