Two questions regarding KDE settings - Titlebar text and audio behavior

I’m using KDE Neon and am really enjoying the customization features. However, I have two minor issues that I’m hoping I can get some insight about.

First, I can’t for the life of me figure out how you would change the default title behavior in KDE 6. Specifically, I want to get rid of the - Dolphin on the Dolphin file manager and just have the path to the particular folder. I can get the file path easily but I can’t figure out where I would make the change for the rest. I’m using the Edna theme, if it’s a theme-specific issue.

Second, I have an SMSL PO100 AK DAC that I use to convert audio output through USB-C to SPDIF and RCA. The SPDIF goes to my receiver, and the RCA goes to a Thomann Fungeneration spectrum analyzer. In Windows (and under Ubuntu, I believe, but I haven’t checked recently) this worked fine – the audio goes into the DAC and plays out to both sources. Under Neon, the audio through SPDIF plays fine, but the RCA signal doesn’t. I’m pretty sure it’s a settings issue, but I have it set to Analog Output (I don’t seem to have access to Pro Audio in this install), so I don’t think it’s a digital signal issue.

Neither of these are a dealbreaker. They’re just irritants that I’d like to figure out if I can.