Ubuntu PPA not downloading Kdenlive 23.08.x

Total newbie here. Did a perfunctory search for my issue but could find any thread.

I have Kdenlive 23.04.3 under Ubuntu 23.04. My PPA entry is:

Type: Binary
URI: Index of /kdenlive/kdenlive-stable/ubuntu
Distribution: lunar
Components: main
Comment: disabled on upgrade to lunar
(but now on the Other Software page, the PPA entry is checked notwithstanding the above comment)

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Kdenlive but I still have 23.04.3. How do I upgrade to 23.08.x, please? Thanks.


They haven’t built any 23.08.x packages for the PPA yet.

If you want it soonest, you will need to use the flatpack for the moment.
Or have patience, it has only been a day since the code was released :grinning:

Thanks for the quick reply. I can wait there is no rush at my end.


AppImage would be the way to go since it is built and maintained by the team.

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Yes, AppImage is indeed the best way for most of us. There are many examples for me personally where I’ve had to switch over. Will do the same here. Thanks.