UI fonts that are always visible

This is something that has always been a mild annoyance to me.

My wallpaper type is picture of the day, and I like to use plasma themes with a lot of transparent elements. This has the unfortunate side affect that, depending the day’s wallpaper, any of the fonts on my desktop may happen to be the same color as the background, and so almost invisible.

So my current theme has an almost transparent panel, and my task manager widget (the default I think) in the panel uses a black font for the active tasks. So if a task manager button happens to be in front of a dark area of the day’s wallpaper, the name is unreadable.

I have a quicklaunch widget on my desktop, which is completely transparent and also uses a black font, and has the same issue.

The folder view widget, however, uses a white font, with a black “shadow” around each character, so the fonts are always visible regardless of the background color.

Would it be possible for all UI elements to support this shadowed/outlined font effect?