Unable to create a second window for the same document with Okular

When I read a long document with references or comments at the end, I would like to create a second window for the same document, to be able to jump into the end directly.
I did not find the way to do that in Okular (Evince for Gnome does it: “open a copy”).
Is there a way?

There is no direct way to do it from Okular (maybe a good idea to add that) but if you open the document again it will be displayed in a second windows

Thanks Carl
When I go back in my file browser to the same pdf file and open it again with okular, it jumps into the window to the already oppened document.

Xubuntu (Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS)
Thunderbird 102.7.1 (64 bits)
Firefox 112.0.2-1 (64 bits)
Zotero version 6.0.15

Open the second okular (on the task bar, right-click okular and select Open New Window, or the equivalent with Xubuntu). Assuming you have your first okular with the PDF loaded, good change that that PDF will appear in the Recent documents area, select it and you will have your second window.


I got it, thanks!
Open first a second okular from the programs and then reopen the file. It works fine.
And I can save annotations on the same file in both windows.

Thanks for your help, I have the solution!
Best from Bordeaux

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